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Construction Season Updates

Safe Routes to School "Walk to School Day" Event:

On October 10th, 2013 the City of Wapakoneta, Wapakoneta City School and Ohio Department of Transportation teamed up to provide an educational fun day for over 950 students at the Wapakoneta Elementary School.

wapakoneta cheerleaders and mascots at walk to school day

Students were greeted by the Wapakoneta High School cheerleaders who lead them in a few cheers along with the mascots for the day; Safety Pup (Alicia Webb) and Dare Dog (Denise Kohler) who lead the way. The event was divided into three groups of students, who wore crazy socks in honor of  "Walk to School Day," walked several laps and then proceeded to the Performing Arts Center where The Honorable Rodney Metz, Mayor of the CIty of Wapakoneta read a proclamation declaring the day as an offical event in the city of Wapakoneta. Officer Jeff Eisert from the Wapakoneta Police Deptartment reviewed tips and rules for walking and riding to school safely.  Matt Dwanger from Joint Township Memorial Hospital talked to our students about living a healthy life style, to incorporate exercise in their daily routine. City Councilman Thomas Finkelmeier acted as the Masters of Ceremonies and was quite creative with the balloons. The students were then given take home bags which included water bottles from Wal-Mart, Band-Aids and band bracelets from Joint Township Hospital, apple slices from the local McDonalds (Tom likes the apples), Balloons and treat bags from Finkelmeier Insurance, a coloring page from the SRTS web site and a Wapakoneta YMCA guest pass.  All of these items were donated by great supporters of the community!

To date, the Ohio Department of Transportation has awarded the City of Wapakoneta more than one millions dollars for infrastructure to support the Safe Routes To School Program.

Thanks to the following people: Alicia Webb, Andy Beane, Jeff McClure, Police Chief Russ Hunlock, Jeff Eisert, Denise Kohler, Sam Blank, Shelly Koch, Wapakoneta High School Cheerleaders, Principal Mark Savagio, Wapakoneta Elementary School Teachers, Mayor Rodney Metz, Joint Township Memorial Hospital's Amy Schmidt, Wapakoneta YMCA's Matt Dwanger, Wapakoneta City School Business Manager Mike Watt, Wapakoneta Chamber of Commerce Director and City Councilman Dan Graf, Tom Finkelmeier of Finkelmeier Insurance, Marty from Wapakoneta Wal-Mart, Bonnie Berry from the Wapakoneta McDonalds, Wapakoneta Daily News' Karen Kantner, Lima Hometown Stations' FOX, NBC and CBS affiliate. All of these individuals and organizations helped make this a huge success!

Sidewalks are currently being installed along Poppy Drive to create more safe routes to school as part of the $475,000 grant project.

Auglaize Street from the railroad to Wood Street.

The $2.3 million East Auglaize Street project is a full-depth reconstruction of the street from the CSX railroad tracks to Wood Street. Ohio Department of Transportation is providing $1.3 million of this project. Work has already started on the project and it is expected to be completed by November 1.


November 13:

Trees are being planted this week.

October 30:

Trees are expected to be planted begining November 11.

October 15:

Striping is completed, but pavers are still being installed..

September 30:

The paving is complete throughout the project.  Striping is expected to begin October 9.  After trees are installed, the street will be ready to open.

September 10:

Orange barrels are interspersed with new planters along East Auglaize.  The barrels mark the locations of the Silva Cells.

September 6:

All the underground work, gutters and curbs in Phase 2 are now complete.  Sidewalks and approaches are being installed.  Street grading is being completed.  Tuesday and Wednesday should bring the base pavement.  In Phase 1 lighting has been energized.   Benches and planters should begin showing up this week.

August 16:

Stabilization in Phase 2 is now complete.  Monday should see grading in preperation for curbs and gutters, sidewalks and base pavement over the next couple of weeks.

August 5:

Pavers are being installed in Phase 1.  Trees are scheduled to be planted in the fall.  In Phase 2, the storm sewers should be finished by next week, ending all the underground work.  Stabilization and grates will follow, then curbs and gutters.  The engineering department has declared that it appears the East Auglaize project is still on schedule and should be completed on time.

July 16:

The concrete work in Phase 1 is now complete and the base asphalt has been applied.  Some of the lighting is up and pavers are starting to go down.  It is easy to begin to see what the final effect will be along the entire street.  The first block of the project may be opened to traffic in a couple of weeks.

In Phase 2, the water laterals will be done this week.  The installation of the storm sewers will begin next week.


East Auglaize Graded Phase 1

Phase 1 is being graded and approaches are being poured.  The work on Silva Cells continues.  In Phase 2, man holes are being installed.

June 18:

Silva Cell

Silva Cells, subsurface tree and stormwater systems that hold soil and support traffic loads beneath pavement, are now being installed along with sidewalks and approaches in Phase 1.  Man hole and sewer installations are continuing in Phase 2.

June 14:

The curbs and gutters are now completed in Phase 1.  Next week, 18 Silva Cells will be installed with sidewalks to follow.

June 11:

Keeping right on schedule, curb and gutter installation has begun in Phase 1.

June 5:

While the stabilization cures in Phase 1, workmen have nearly completed the water main in Phase 2.  Phase 1 curbs should get underway next week.  Watch for a possible closure of Water Street at Auglaize beginning Monday the 10th.

May 31:

All the underground work in Phase 1 is now complete.  Next week will see cement stabilization followed by curb and gutter the following week.  The Water Street intersection will, at some time, be completely closed for about 2 weeks.  At that time, Phase 2 will begin.

May 21:

Work is continuing on sanitary sewer installation.

May 13:

Storm sewers in phase 1 have been started.  Man holes and catch basins are being placed.  With the weather forecast this week, sanitaries could be complete by next week.

May 7:

The water line in phase 1 in now complete with all residents connected.  On Monday the sanitary was started and it is expected to continue for the next couple of weeks.

April 22:

Continuation of the 12” water line and prep work for brick and sidewalks phase one.

April 11:

The 12” water main is finished from Broadway to Water Street. Water services will be tied in when the water main completes testing.  The whole length of the street will be ground off on April 17.  The water main will continue in phase II; the structures are not in.  Over the next few weeks, sanitary and storm sewers will be installed.

Asphalt Rejuvenation Agent Program

October 30:

This project was completed by the end of September.

September 6:

This project is now scheduled to be completed by November.

July 16:

This project is scheduled to begin July 17.

May 21:

Planning and funding is in place for resurfacing several streets begining in a couple of weeks.  Resurfacing a street can add many years to its life.  The material, often referred to as Reclamite, is a blend of oils suspended in water to form an emulsion capable of dispersing the oils which lubricate the surface of the street. Examples of streets that were resurfaced last year are Springwood Avenue,  Fairview Drive, West Auglaize Street, North Blackhoof Street and Redskin Trail.

Streets that will be resurfaced this year include Sunrise Drive, South Blackhoof Street, The Gazebo Area in Harmon Park, Apache Trail, Indian Hill Drive, Hickory Court, Washington Street, Timber Trail and Stoneybrook Drive.

West Auglaize Street Project from Blackhoof to Pearl Streets.

October 23:

The West Auglaize Street reconstruction is scheduled to be done in 2015.

August 6:

The comment period for the West Auglaize Street project has been extended for 30 more days.  See the entry below for details.

July 19:

We are now in the public comment period of the West Auglaize Street project.  Comments should be directed to:

Mary Ruck

City Building Code Officer
102 Perry Street, P.O. Box 269
Wapakoneta OH 45895

May 29:

A public meeting is scheduled for the West Auglaize Street Project July 10 at 7:30 pm at City Hall.

May 21:

The Streets and Alleys Committee will meet May 22.  It is expected that a date will be set for a public meeting in which the West Auglaize Street project will be discussed.

ADA Handicap Intersection / Truncated Mat Project

September 6:

This project is completed as of today.

August 21:

The installation of the ADA compliant pedestrian approaches is complete on the intersections near the schools.  Work will continue through next week upgrading the others on the list.  These are mostly in the neighborhood south of Benton and west of Blackhoof.

May 21:

Community Development Block Grant funding has been secured for the installation of accessible intersections around the city.

Scrap Tire Paving Program alt

October 30:

Paving on this project was started today and is expected to be completed by Monday.

September 6:

This project was bid yesterday and the vendor selected.  Concrete work in advance of the paving will begin next Tuesday.

August 21:

The Public Works Department has been replacing catch basins in anticipation that the paving days will occur in October.

May 23:

A scrap tire asphalt overlay contract will be bid soon for the resurfacing of Douglas Street, South Rauthland Avenue from Bellefontaine to Veterens Park, Wagner Avenue from Bellefontain Street to Middle Street.  This green project will use Ohio Department of Natural Resources funds.