Wapakoneta Police Department


Calvin D. Schneider, CLEE

City of Wapakoneta Police PatchPhone: 419-738-2222
Emergency: 911

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Welcome to the Wapakoneta Police Department's web page.  The goal of this site is to strengthen and improve communication between the Department and the community of Wapakoneta.

I have the honor and privilege of being the Chief of Police of Wapakoneta.  My responsibility is to ensure our community is provided with the best law enforcement and public safety possible.  Our Department is comprised of dedicated sworn Officers and dispatchers.  We also have a sworn Auxiliary that works a variety of details and assists our full time Officers.

Our Department receives great support from our citizens and city leaders and our goal is to continue to provide the best, professional service we can.

If you have questions or comments in regard to our Department or this web page, please contact us.

Mission Statement:

The men and women of the Wapakoneta Police Department are dedicated to enhance the quality of life in the City of Wapakoneta by;

Working in partnership with the community to enforce the laws, provide quality law enforcement service and take appropriate measures to combat crime while being responsive and caring to the needs of the city's residents.

The Wapakoneta Police Department is dedicated to fulfilling this expectation to the citizens  of Wapakoneta by maintaining a professional public safety agency with policing practices and tactics that compliment the needs of the City of Wapakoneta.

We strive to complete our mission while being honest in our dealings with the community and each other while having the courage to do what is right.


Chief Calvin D. Schneider


Patrick P Green                                                                            

Shannon R Place                                                                             

Joseph L Welker, K-9 Handler, K-9 Rico


 Detective: James L. Cox


Full Time Patrol:                                                Part-Time Patrol:

Patrolman Corey M. Zwiebel                                   Patrolman Mark A. Bell

Patrolman Nikolas K. Soder                                    Patrolman Paul A. Robbins

Patrolman Kevin T. Prenger                                    Patrolman John H. Dunham         

Patrolman Cody L. Jenkins                                 Reserve Officers:          

Patrolman Jared D. Clark                                      Patrolman Donald Rohrbaugh 

Patrolman Jordan M. Reineke                               Patrolman William Gesler

Patrolman Jordan F. Barns                                    Patrolman James Werner

Patrolman Cody G. Stanfill                                    Patrolman Richard Fowler

School Resource Officer Jeffrey P. Eisert             Patrolman Wyatt Harrison

                                                                              Patrolman Nathaniel Kramer                                                                                    


Nicole Sawmiller                                                                

Jeremy McBride                                                                 

Ashley McEldowney


The Wapakoneta Police Department is comprised of 14 full time officers, 5 dispatchers and 14 auxilliary officers.  The department as two officers that are assigned detective duties.  One is full time and the other is designated plain clothes 3 days out of his work week.  The department has a School Resource Officer. Patrol Officer Jeffrey P Eisert has this assignment and works side by side with school officials.  All officers are encouraged to stop by our schools and make their presence known.  This also includes extra patrol duties in and around the schools in the mornings and afternoons.

The department has a K-9 Unit that is handled by Lieutenant Joseph Welker.  The K-9's name is Rico and he is a Patrol/Narcotics dog.

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